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When we moved to our current house, we decided that we would buy these slick design tables for our living room, called Cluster by Ferm Living. They are really beautiful and the ability to configure them to the ad hoc need gave the final push. We have used them happily ever since.

There was only one thing that became a bit of a nuisance. Every time we wanted to move them, we had to pick them up as pushing them around would make a lot of noise and scratch the PVC floor. And picking them up was another thing. They are far from being light nimble tables. They are metal after all.

Yes, there is self adhesive felt you can stick on, and yes we tried them. The felt just came off. The steel plates on these tables are only 2mm wide. The steel bars, being bars and round, also had very little area to hold the felt.

The 3d print guy inside me saw his chance again. What we needed were feet with a larger area to stick the felt on. Obviously it would take away some of the design charm, but I figured ease of use would be worth something too.

After measuring the thickness of the bars and the steel blade, two simple designs were made:

I printed one of each and tested them. The version for the blade was a bit too loose and after taking off 0.2mm and reprinting I had a working pair of feet.

As printing tower-like structures with thin elements has proven to be difficult for my printer, I printed a set with a brim which looked rather good:

After easily peeling loose the brim and sticking thick felt to the feet, the first table was the Guinee pig.

Everything fit perfectly and the next two sets followed. I am very happy with the results:

The lesson learnt on this very tiny project:
My printer (possibly not the only one) doesn’t like high structures with small areas touching the print bed. The nozzle seems to pull off the first few layers and it all goes down hill from there very quickly. A brim is needed, and also putting the heat of the bed up 5 degrees Celsius seems to help.

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